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Influencer of the Day Daily Referral Prize - up to $500

This prize goes to the Daily Influencer with the highest daily sales*

Please visit qulcontest for all the contest details.

How do I become an Influencer

Refer 3 persons who buy QÚLCBD products and you qualify to become an Influencer

(Simple registration is required)

Do I earn on the first 3 people I refer?

Yes, you earn 20% QUL Credits on your referrals

(These can be used to purchase your own products or gifted through QPons)

What can I earn as an Influencer?

Besides the up to $500 daily Bonus Prize you earn the following:

Commission on all Personal Sales*


Commission on all Team Sales*
(Sales made by persons you referred/recruited)


Bonus Commission is unlocked if your Personal and Team Sales hit 5000 combined Points*

(Bonus Commission is paid on the 2nd Tier of referal or anyone who your team members refer/recruit when they make a sale - this can really add up)

Other long term bonuses may be added for top performers from time to time. For more information please contact support

Can I earn discounts/credits on my own product purchases?

Yes! For consecutive monthly purchases you earn up to 20% in QÚL

Month 1
Silver VIP
5% QÚL Credit
Month 2
Gold VIP
10% QÚL Credit
Month 3
Platinum VIP
15% QÚL Credit
Month 4
Diamond VIP
20% QÚL Credit

The highest level achieved is maintained permanently!

For example, Purchasing for four consecutive months will ensure 20% QÚL Credits on all future purchases.

*Commisions are based upon Direct Sales Points, which are often dollar for dollar for retail sales - see back office for details.

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