Examining what causes dry skin is critical to understanding how KUL products can benefit someone. Several factors influence a person’s skin type. These include but are not limited to environment, genetics, diet, hobbies, etc. Besides, a poor skincare routine can keep the skin irritated rather than soothing the issues. A combination of these factors leads to an underproduction of sebum. When the skin produces less sebum than needed it does not have the necessary amount of lipids for proper skin function. Lipids are required for better moisture retention and a strong natural barrier.

A KUL Solution for Dry Skin

The issues associated with dry skin can be extremely uncomfortable. Skin will often feel tight or stretched, particularly after washing or midday. Or maybe the skin is texturized with flaky patches? With mature dry skin, dullness and crepiness can often be unavoidable without the proper care. How exactly does someone with dry skin ensure that they are addressing the proper issues to alleviate these symptoms? What kinds of products should they be using? Are some ingredients better than others? KUL is here to answer these questions.

The KUL Glow Kit, Promoting Radiance and Calm Complexion

The KUL Glow Kit brings comfort to those with dry skin. CBD promotes radiance and calm complexion due to the high amount of essential fatty acids. Full Spectrum CBD allows the components of the entire hemp plant such as terpenes, minerals, and all cannabinoids to work synergistically to benefit the skin when applied topically. The skin appears softer, nourished, and glowing. While taking advantage of the nourishing benefits of CBD across all KUL products, the products also contain other ingredients that help balance and strengthen the skin through moisture retention.

Probiotics, the Balancer

Probiotics help to maintain a proper microbiome. This is particularly important when dealing with sensitive skin symptoms associated with dry skin such as tightness and redness. Balancing the bacteria on the surface of the skin is critical in helping the skin produce natural sebum more effectively.

Micro-Algae, the Environmental Stress Reliever

Micro-algae helps to plump and smooth the skin and is loaded with antioxidants to help protect against environmental stressors.

Shea Oil, the Softener

Butyrospermum Parkii (shea) oil is a lightweight humectant that softens the skin cells without the heaviness of other moisturizing agents.

Natural Oils, the Empowerer

Natural oils such as evening primrose and rosehip oil provide omegas and other fatty acids that are difficult for humans to get from diet alone. When present in skincare, there is an increase in the lipids of the skin. As outlined previously, lipids are what empower the skin to remain balanced.

Addressing Dry Skin

Removing the dead skin cells that collect and flake off the skin’s surface is the first step to addressing dry skin. KUL Exfoliating Cleanser uses apricot seed powder for a physical exfoliation. Additionally, a cleanser should not leave the skin feeling ‘stripped’ or tight. Using a cleanser that is sulfate-free and packed full of lipid-rich and balancing ingredients will help avoid this feeling. The KUL Exfoliating Cleanser is sulfate-free while containing probiotics as well as Full Spectrum CBD to calm and soothe the skin. Another cleansing option for those with dry skin is using the KUL CBD Natural Hemp Tincture as an oil-based cleanser. This is a very gentle and hydrating approach to cleansing.

When choosing a moisturizer (day and night) for a person with dry skin, one should look for ingredients that hydrate and repair simultaneously. The KUL CBD Anti-Aging Moisturizer is the perfect way to deliver hydrating and strengthening ingredients to the skin. It is lightweight yet nourishing. This Full Spectrum CBD face cream contains shea oil, probiotics, and micro-algae to boost the moisture retention of the natural barrier promoting plumpness. The skin appears smoother and softer.

The Night Repair Moisturizer provides the skin with all of the repairing essentials needed to promote overall skin health. This CBD night cream helps reinforce the skin's natural barrier and moisture-retaining ability with double the amount of micro-algae as the other KULCBD products.

Lastly in the KULCBD routine, the Glö Serum is the perfect finishing oil for maximum humectant delivery that results in a hydrated glowing complexion. Dry skin tends to absorb products very quickly. The Glö Serum is not only a CBD face serum, but it contains rose oil, rosehip oil, evening primrose oil, algae extract, and probiotics. The oils work together to lock in the beautiful effects of the moisturizers used prior while allowing the skin to feel conditioned with reduced redness and irritation.

KULCBD Products Can Aid in the Fight Against Dry Skin

We’re confident that once you try one of our products, you’ll see the difference. Whether you want to fight the effects of our environment, aging, or dryness, our products are scientifically crafted and tested to ensure all ingredients work in harmony.