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Now more than ever we’re looking for skin care products that contain “all-natural” ingredients. It also means fewer chemical ingredients in the products we choose.

Even though skin care products are regulated by the FDA, they can still contain ingredients that you may want to avoid. A great example is sulfates. Sulfates are cleansers that are popularly found in both household cleaning products, and skin and hair care products. They are great at removing dirt and oil.

The problem is, they’re really good at removing dirt and oil; so much so that they can dry out and damage your skin and hair. They’re also known irritants, which means your skin could become irritated if you use them. Even though the FDA allows them in your skin care products, they may be an ingredient you’d rather avoid.

It’s definitely true that you have to be your own advocate when it comes to your skin care. You have to find the products that work that contain ingredients you trust. If you’re looking for a great, all-natural ingredient that packs a ton of benefit for your skin, look no further than the apricot.

Apricots? Really?

Yes, really. Until now you may have only considered apricots as something to eat. Apricots, or prunus armeniaca, are small, round, yellowish-orange fruits that are similar in taste and texture to a plum. In fact, they’re in the plum family. They have a large, hard pit in the middle (also called a stone) which contains one seed, and when ripe, tastes extremely tart. They’re a popular mid-summer fruit.

Apricots aren’t just for eating; they’re actually packed with benefits for your skin. You’ll definitely get some of those skin benefits by eating apricots, but the entire fruit, including the hard seed in the middle, is beneficial when added to certain skin care products.

For instance, you’ve probably used a drug store “apricot scrub.” If you’re like us, you practically grew up on this stuff. The grainy, orange-ish cleanser filled with apricot seed was supposed to help exfoliate your skin and leave you looking radiant. The problem with most drug store apricot scrubs though is that the exfoliant isn’t actually apricot seed. If you look at the ingredient list; you’ll likely find your exfoliant is actually not apricot seed, but crushed walnut shell instead.

Because of this, it’s important to make sure the apricot products you are using actually do contain apricot. Other ingredients (like walnut shell) that are often substituted for apricot can be harsh and damaging to your skin.

Curious about what other benefits apricot might offer your skin? We’ve got you covered. QULCBD includes apricot in some of our product lineup because we feel it’s such a beneficial ingredient. We thoroughly research every ingredient we include in our products before we decide whether or not they’re a good decision for our consumers. As for apricots? We love apricots. Here’s why.

Top 5 Health Benefits of Apricots

Apricots are beneficial both when eaten and when added to skin and hair care products. Here are some of the most beneficial aspects of apricot use and consumption.

Apricots are a healthy snack. When you’re craving something sweet, but slightly tart, low in calories, and packed with overall good nutrition, apricots are your go-to. Not only are they a “healthy” carbohydrate, but they’re also full of vitamins A, E, and C, which are powerful antioxidants.

Antioxidants help fight off environmental stressors that can grab onto your cells and cause them to age prematurely. Apricots are also rich in lutein, zeaxanthin, and meso-zeaxanthin, which aid in ocular health.

Apricots fight wrinkles. Those antioxidants? They help fight off wrinkles as well, reducing their visibility on your skin. Apricots contain special plant-based antioxidants called flavonoids, which are experts in helping combat damage and boosting your skin’s health.

Apricots are hydrating. As with most fruit, apricots contain a high concentration of water. If you’re dehydrated, eating apricots as a snack can help you replenish electrolytes and stay more hydrated throughout the day.

When apricot is used in a skin care product, it is able to penetrate the skin deeply to bring hydration to deep levels of the skin, so the skin feels quenched and moisturized all day.

The seed can be crushed into powder. The seed (or pit) of the apricot can be crushed and used in skin care products. For instance, QULCBD’s Exfoliating Cleanser uses crushed apricot seed powder to gently exfoliate the skin without causing damage.

Many exfoliating cleansers contain granules that are much too large to properly exfoliate your skin. The granules are so large they don’t actually do their job of removing dead skin cells and impurities. Instead, they are more likely to tear the skin, irritate it, and leave it red and damaged.

It’s also important to remember that apricots don’t contain actual, tiny seeds. A product that contains tiny seeds contains something other than apricot.

Apricot softens and smooths. Because apricots are so rich in hydration power, you’ll notice that your skin feels overall softer and smoother when you use products that contain apricot seed. Apricot helps smooth skin’s texture, especially when used as an exfoliant, which can leave your skin feeling softer, smoother, and give it the appearance of a more even skin tone.

What Ingredients Pair Well With Apricot?

Obviously, most products aren’t going to contain solely apricots. They’re going to contain other ingredients, and this is where things get sticky. A product can contain apricot seed powder, which sounds natural and appealing, but it may also contain other ingredients you don’t want or need on your skin (like sulfates).

If you really want the most benefit from your product, you want to look for products that contain ingredients that pair well with apricot. These would be ingredients that are able to work synergistically with the apricot to bring about maximum benefit for your skin.

Here are the ingredients we put in our exfoliating cleanser that we’ve researched and found to work the best with apricot.

CBD oil. Cannabidiol, or “CBD” is a hemp-derived oil that is rich in antioxidants, terpenes, flavonoids, and antioxidants. CBD is known for its soothing, conditioning properties, which leave skin looking youthful and glowing. CBD pairs well with apricot because your skin gets an amazing boost of antioxidants.

CBD oil is great for the skin because it’s a known moisture-balancer, too. When paired with the other ingredients in our lineup, CBD oil helps your skin balance its natural hydration level so that oily spots are less greasy, and dry spots remain hydrated and moisturized.

Probiotics. You’ll find our proprietary blend of probiotics in almost all of our products. We believe in the power of probiotics, especially when infused into our apricot cleanser. Probiotics set the stage for better skin care. Your skin is covered in good, healthy bacteria, but that bacteria can change due to weather, pollution, makeup, and hormones.

When your bacteria levels change, your skin can experience blemishes, dullness, and an overall lack of health. Probiotics help ensure your healthy bacteria stay balanced, which lets your other products do their job better.

Apple fruit extract. In addition to apricot, we add apple fruit extract to our exfoliating cleanser. Apple fruit extract helps skin retain its youthfulness with its blend of antioxidants and natural moisturizing saccharide complex. This blend helps keep your skin fully hydrated at the cellular level while protecting it from pollutants.

In fact, apple fruit extract is such a great hydrator, skin was 88% more hydrated in clinical studies. We think that’s worth the apple a day.

Our exfoliating apricot cleanser can keep your skin clean, rid it of unwanted dead skin cells, and hydrate your skin at the same time. Other cleansers can leave your skin feeling dry, tight, and uncomfortable.

We find that pairing our apricot seed scrub with hydrating ingredients like full spectrum CBD oil, apple fruit extract, and green tea helps to ensure your skin stays moisturized even after it’s been thoroughly exfoliated.

If you need some tips and tricks on how to properly exfoliate your face with our apricot cleanser, check out our ultimate exfoliating guide. Our exfoliating guide helps you learn the ins and outs of getting your skin in the best shape possible by using an exfoliating scrub with apricot. Apricot is great for your skin, and our exfoliating scrub is the perfect way to get the benefits of apricot deep into your skin so it can work to keep your skin feeling and looking youthful and radiant.

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