One Can Truly Have It All With KULCBD

Providing balanced formulas and routines is the backbone of the KULCBD Get Glowing Beauty Kit. The system is designed so that someone can use the entire line and know that common skin conditions such as dryness or loss of elasticity are being taken into consideration simultaneously. There is no compromise to reduce the appearance of redness over implementing anti-aging ingredients or controlling sebum production. One can truly have it all with KULCBD.

The Exfoliating Cleanser not only acts as a physical exfoliant using Apricot Seed Powder to remove the buildup of dead skin cells, but also as a deep pore cleanser packed with antioxidants and green tea to keep the skin clear. Follow this with the Anti-Aging Moisturizer for all day protection against harmful environmental stressors and dry weather all while boosting collagen and elastin activity within the skin. At Night, choose the Night Repair Moisturizer that includes retinol for it’s anti-aging properties and preventative care while deeply hydrating the skin to counter act sensitivity. Finish morning and night with the beautiful Glo Serum that seals in the amazing ingredients of the other products while deeply nourishing with rich oils. The cosmetic glowing benefit is an even bigger bonus.

Let KUL Do the Work For You

Choosing products that soothe multiple conditions and help balance the overall health of the skin will be the most effective. Let our Get Glowing Beauty Kit do the work for you.