Do CBD Beauty Products Actually Work?

With the influx of CBD-infused products on the market, from creams to tinctures, you may be skeptical about it being more than just a fad. It can be tough to judge what’s worth the money and what isn’t, especially in the luxury skincare market. KULCBD cares about creating high-quality natural beauty products that use CBD to further the benefits of all ingredients.

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Put Simply – Yes, CBD Does Work

CBD is scientifically proven to have certain health and wellness benefits, from relief to better skin. In selecting which ingredients to use in each product, CBD is part of what brings it all together. Not only does hemp have its own natural benefits for skin care, but it also works with the benefits our other ingredients bring to the table. When it comes to luxury skincare, the combination of ingredients we use is top-notch.

You Can Thank Hemp for Enhancing Other Minerals’ Effects

We use several different all-natural ingredients to give a moisturizing effect to our products. What does hemp do to help with that purpose? While it can reduce redness, hemp also has properties that supports the moisture from other ingredients. Take our Night Repair Moisturizer, for example Shea Oil helps soften skin, Green Tea makes the skin appear brighter, and hemp seed oil helps with hydrating the skin.

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Natural Ingredients All Work Hand in Hand

All of our products are carefully and scientifically formulated then tested to ensure they do their job. We take the creation of superior luxury skincare products seriously and find that using natural ingredients leads to the best results. The combination of high-quality ingredients sourced from nature plus full spectrum hemp extract is most effective at creating soft, bright, and youthful skin.

Our CBD Beauty Products use Full or Broad Spectrum Hemp

What does that mean? Even the hemp we use is natural with no processing that would strip it of all the naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. By not stripping our CBD of those extra nutrients, we’re able to utilize the “entourage effect” in our products. This allows all the different elements of the cannabis plant to work together the way they’re meant to, leading to full efficiency so you get the great results our products all offer for skin care.

The Difference Between Hemp and CBD – And How They Work Together

Technically, CBD is part of the hemp plant, but hemp seed oil and CBD hemp extract are two different ingredients in our products. They each serve a purpose in our products and make them more effective. Hemp seed oil includes all the antioxidants and fatty acids from the hemp plant that many CBD products leave out in favor of isolate. However, these nutrients help with hydration.

On the other hand, CBD hemp extract is what most people imagine when they see CBD on a product label. This is the non-psychoactive compound found in the hemp plant and it also serves a beneficial purpose. When used in our products, it helps keep skin healthy and glowing. All of our skin care products include both hemp seed oil and CBD hemp extract, including our Glö Face Serum, which helps prevent premature aging.

Try Our CBD Skincare Products for Yourself and See the Difference

Our products speak for themselves. Once you try one of our luxury skin care products, you’ll see the difference it makes. A combination of naturally sourced ingredients that help soothe, rejuvenate, and hydrate skin with full spectrum CBD and hemp seed oil ensures your skin will look more vibrant than it has in years.