CBD Can Get You High

Many people new to CBD, hemp, and marijuana believe that CBD and THC are essentially the same thing. At the very least, you may assume they have very similar qualities and effects. In some ways, you’re not wrong, but if you’re afraid you’ll get high while using CBD products, don’t worry. THC is the compound in marijuana that gives the “high” that’s so appealing to many people. Also found in marijuana, CBD offers benefits without that high. Additionally, CBD and THC applied topically to the skin does not reach your bloodstream and therefore cannot get you high.


CBD Isn’t Psychoactive

You won’t feel intoxicated from CBD but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have psychoactive properties. Technically, any substance is psychoactive if it alters the way we perceive the world around us, whether in a positive, negative, or neutral way. Even caffeine is psychoactive, so this category is broad and has a variety of popular misconceptions.


It’s Just a Marketing Scam

It’s likely you’ve heard someone comment that CBD products are just a marketing scam. On the contrary, CBD is not added to products just because it’s trendy and will help companies make sales and steal your money. Many people experience benefits from using CBD, though results do vary from person to person.


It Doesn’t Actually Do Anything When Used Regularly

There are some articles out there from people doing their own trial runs using various CBD products. They may use them for several days or a week, maybe even longer, then say that they did not notice any difference in how they feel. While CBD certainly affects each person differently, it’s also important to think about whether you have a condition CBD may help. If you don’t have a condition that may be helped by using CBD, you won’t notice any change in how you feel, no matter how long you take it.


More is Better

If you’ve taken CBD without noticing results, you may think upping your dosage will help. That’s not necessarily the case. It may take time to find the right dosage for you and the condition you want to treat, but generally speaking, more definitely does not mean better with CBD. You’ll benefit more from paying attention to the type of CBD used in your product(s), how you’re taking CBD, and whether you’re experiencing any side effects from your dosage. Using CBD tinctures can be a great way to moderate a dosage as part of your everyday routine.


There are No Side Effects

That leads us to our next myth: CBD has no side effects. CBD’s effects, both positive and negative, vary from person to person, so pay attention to any changes you experience while using CBD. But it’s also good to work with someone knowledgeable when using CBD for health benefits. There are certain medications that will react negatively to CBD when taken at the same time, so be sure to do your research and ask a professional if you’re unsure.


The CBD Industry is Sketchy and Not Well-Regulated

It’s true that the marijuana and CBD industries are still young and therefore regulations are still constantly evolving to best meet needs. However, a new industry does not mean that CBD itself or all CBD products are poor quality. On the contrary, there are a multitude of well-made and beneficial CBD products available.


All CBD and CBD Products are the Same

With that said, not all products are made the same. It’s important, as with any type of product, to pay attention to where you’re buying them from and what’s on the label. Do your research before choosing where to purchase CBD products. Read reviews about the company and learn as much about their mission, purpose, and sourcing to figure out whether or not you’re actually purchasing quality CBD.


The Research Around CBD is Iffy

Yes, research around CBD and its effects is still young but it is constantly growing. It can take years to come to a definite conclusion about the exact effects of a substance but that doesn’t discount the progress being made in research around CBD.


None of CBD’s Health Benefits are Scientifically Proven

While research is still young, there are certain medical conditions for which CBD is scientifically proven to benefit. Talking with a professional who is knowledgeable about the effects of CBD is the best way to get accurate information about what it can do and how it may benefit you.